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Five Reasons Steel Prices Are Increasing

Due to the continued extraordinary rising freight costs; including those from over seas; we are seeing price increases up into the double digits from many of our manufacturers. There is little to no warning on some of these price increases. We try to give as much...

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Grooved Fittings

What are Grooved Fittings?Ohio Pipe is an authorized distributor of ASC Gruvlok, one of the few Domestically manufactured and trusted Grooved brands around. Anvil International, (now ASC), acquired Grinnell Grooved Mechanical Product suite in 2017 expanding their...

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Why Use a Y or Basket Strainer

Why Use a Y or Basket Strainer(Credit goes to Titan Flow Control, Inc.  http://www.titanfci.com/articles/why-use-a-y-strainer)As we talk about strainers, this might be a good time to review the general purpose of a strainer. A strainer is used to “strain” or “filter”...

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What is a Pressure Reducing Valve for Steam?

In a high-pressure steam environment, there are certain departments or pieces of equipment that require lower pressure steam in order to protect the equipment. In these situations, a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) is needed.  A PRV is a safety-related part that reduces...

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What are Butterfly Valves?

Butterfly valves are quarter-turn flow control or isolation devices, used for quick shut-off in piping systems. They have compact and lightweight designs that improve the coefficients of flow, limit pressure drops, and enhance pressure recovery. Control of the opening...

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We Offer the Best Service Possible to our Customers

In such a broad industry, it is important to have the best knowledge for our customers’ specific need. At Ohio Pipe, Valves, & Fittings, we are always furthering our knowledge to ensure the best service possible. In our commitment to maintaining close...

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Advantages of Automating your Valve Processes

Manual valve operation can be labor intensive and not always practical. With staff turnover, this can lead to costly mistakes & unsafe working conditions. Automating your valves will not require you to have an operator present to control flow and will also...

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