Butterfly valves are quarter-turn flow control or isolation devices, used for quick shut-off in piping systems. They have compact and lightweight designs that improve the coefficients of flow, limit pressure drops, and enhance pressure recovery. Control of the opening and closing of the valves, for isolation or throttling service, relies upon a centrally placed disc attached to a rod or shaft passing through it and connected externally to an actuator. Turning the actuator aligns the disc perpendicularly or parallel to the direction of the fluid flow. Valve discs are of equal radial dimensions as the bore and are continuously present in the flow – inducing a limited pressure drop in the system. Butterfly valves are classified based on the disc closure type and the design of the ends of the valve body. The ends are usually wafer or lug style. They can also handle temperatures from -320 degrees F, for cryogenic applications, to just under 1500 degrees F. Butterfly valves can be manually operated (lever handle), gear box actuated (gear op), pneumatically and electrically actuated.  Ohio Pipe, Valves & Fittings and Automated Valve & Equipment are your butterfly valve experts. Give us a shout for your butterfly valve questions or needs.

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