In such a broad industry, it is important to have the best knowledge for our customers’ specific need. At Ohio Pipe, Valves, & Fittings, we are always furthering our knowledge to ensure the best service possible. In our commitment to maintaining close relationships with both customers and vendors, our supply partners offer their support to our buyers in helping with their individual needs.

One of our customers, a large chemical plant in Northeast Ohio, began having problems with their rotary unions only lasting a couple of days on a specific mill. When looking at the mill, we weren’t sure if the issue was a setup problem or if they were purchasing the incorrect rotary union. Unsure of the exact problem, we asked our vendor, Duff Norton, to visit the customer with us. We concluded, based on the application (temperature, pressure, and media), the incorrect rotary union was installed. With the help of Duff Norton, we also discovered that the customer’s machine had the incorrect siphon pipe installed. The original manufacturer confirmed this and sent the correct siphon pipe for installation. Duff Norton’s expertise coupled with the experience at Ohio Pipe, helped our customer identify and solve their issue, allowing them to get the most out of this specific mill. With the help and commitment of our vendor, we tackled this problem head on, providing an efficient solution in a timely manner. We share the knowledge of our vendors with our customers every day to ensure our products and services are of the best quality.

Another example of our close-knit relationships and willingness to help our customers was more recent. One of our vendors was asked for a product they didn’t sell. They were quick to refer us knowing we would do our best to help their customer. We sent our outside salespeople to meet with them, hear what they needed, and talked about how we could help. Through our meeting with this customer, we learned that what they needed was also new to us, and we were determined to gain a better understanding of this product and our customer’s process. With the information we gathered, we reached out to different vendors for more help. Explaining to our vendors what the customer needed and what their process was, they were able to help us provide a solution for our customer’s issue. Through this entire process, several vendors came together to ensure that this one customer received the answers they needed. Incorporating the knowledge we had on this new product, with the expertise our vendors had, Ohio Pipe was able to serve this new customer in the best way possible.

               No matter the issue, we want to help you find the solution. If we don’t know the answer, we will use the knowledge and expertise we do have to find it. We value the opportunity to grow and learn in solving new challenges with you.

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