Dear valued Aalberts integrated piping systems,

As a result of continued increases in shipping, labor and material costs, Aalberts integrated piping systems, home of “Apollo” Valves will be implementating a price increase on select product categories effective April 4, 2022. 

The general increases are as follows:

  • 5% bronze backflow
  • 5% SS backflow
  • 3% “Apollo” Press fittings
  • 3% “Apollo” PowerPress fittings
  • 5% 2-piece industrial CS/SS and alloy ball valves
  • 3% all other industrial CS/SS and alloy ball valves
  • 5% high performance butterfly valves

Due to rising carrier costs, Aalberts integrated piping systems Americas, Inc. full freight allowed terms are listed below for all incoming orders placed on or after April 4, 2022.

  • combined all Aalberts-ips product family   $6,000
  • Shurjoint only product family   $6,000
  • Press fittings only (including “Apollo” Press fittings and “Apollo” PowerPress fittings)   $3,000

To ensure that you have the most current and accurate pricing information, our newest “Apollo” Price Lists will be posted to on or before March 18th, 2022.  The new price sheets will be available in both .xlsx and .pdf format.



Don Russell

Senior Vice President of Sales

Aalberts integrated piping systems

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