Due to the China government cancellation of a 13% tax rebate ASC Engineered Solutions will be implementing a 13% increase effective June 21, 2021 on the following items listed below. This Force Majeure event went into effect May 1, 2021 on all orders. We spent the past 2 weeks trying to mitigate this price action but have found it to be non-negotiable.

Product Line Increase Price Sheet
SPF Grooved Fire Products 13% SPF.GRFP-6.21
COOPLOK Grooved 13% SCI.GR-6.21
SCI Ductile Iron Threaded Fittings 13% SCI.DI-6.21
SCI Cast Iron Threaded Fittings 13% SCI.CI-6.21
SCI Malleable Iron Threaded Fittings 13% SCI.MI-6.21
SCI Flanged Fittings 13% SCI.FLG-6.21
SCI Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Nipples 13% SCI.SN-6.21
SCI Carbon Steel Welded Pipe Nipples 13% SCI.PNW-6.21
SCI Merchant Steel Fittings, API Couplings & Drop Couplings 13% SCI.MSF-6.21
SCI Swage Nipples & Bull Plugs 13% SCI.SNBP-6.21
SCI 150# Stainless Threaded Fittings (Heavy Pattern) 13% SCI.SSHP-6.21
SCI 150# Stainless SW Fittings 13% SCI.SSSW-6.21
SCI SS Weld Fittings 13% SCI.SSBW-6.21
SCI SS Nipples 13% SCI.SSNP-6.21

ASC Engineered Solutions reserves the right to limit order quantities based on historical purchase patterns, and will not be accepting backorders. Orders with release dates after or submitted after June 21, 2021, will be billed at the new pricing.
The new excel list price sheets will be available as soon as possible, for download on the ASC Engineered Solutions website www.asc-es.com. Please contact your local ASC Engineered Solutions sales representative with any questions.

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